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We provide NABL accredited pressure calibration services according to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard. Our calibration gives you high confidence and less uncertainty for your standards. Our recognized calibration laboratory serviced the whole Vijay product line using high quality dead weight testers and master instruments. Additionally, our repair specialists are standing by if you need assistance with one of your Vijay devices.

NABL Pressure Calibration

Accurate pressure readings are crucial for our clients' in-process safety, compliance, and efficiency, and Vijay Instrumentation Services is aware of this. NABL has approved the calibration lab's infrastructure, including absolute pressure, gauge pressure, and low-pressure vacuum. All of the NABL's requirements and standards are properly adhered to.

You may be confident that our hydraulic and pneumatic pressure calibrations will be carried out with genuine S.I. unit traceability when calibrating process control devices for pressure. Our highly qualified technical personnel and specialists have calibrated the pressure and vacuum to ISO 17025:2005 standards.


Vijay Enterprises guarantees to give unmatched after-sales and technical support while requiring a short turnaround time. Instrument failure analysis is performed in case of any breakdown, and suitable remedies are advised. Vijay Instrumentation Services, which we offer, offers remedies for instrument malfunctions in 2-4 working days. The personnel providing this repair service is qualified, experienced, and trained for the intended outcome. Vijay Enterprises provides the best customer service possible for technical and post-sale product issues.

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